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Giving value to the brand

MUZ with its experience in supporting companies in defining or redefining their positioning has been entrusted by the sign Intersport mountain to work to express the differentiation of the brand while restoring value to the service Ski hire. A new visual identity was created, bringing emotion back into the creative concept. Work was then carried out to define a communication strategy, followed by an activation plan aimed at playing the preference of the sign.


No positioning without brand platform

Before defining a positioning, it is necessary to take the time to define precisely what is the mark and what is its territory of expression. Identify the DNA and the set of permissible values, create an added intangible value by differentiating the brand from the competitors while establishing consumer preference. A properly defined and functioning territory is a guarantee of meaning, both in the imagination of customers and in the visual, semantic or editorial universes. A real proof of authenticity, promise of performance in an uncertain world.

The objective was to define, share and define the fundamentals of the brand and its communication elements, both in terms of graphic identity and architecture of key messages to its various targets. Brings coherence and efficiency to corporate and marketing communication by capitalizing on projects and enhancing the brand. The brand platform is a synthesis document that expresses and formalizes the identity of the company. Through four fundamental pillars:

The vision: how the brand sees the world, its market and the stakes of today and tomorrow

The mission: the role the brand plays in embodying this vision

The ambition: the business project associated with this mission

The values: what the brand will not trade


A global strategy for real impact

Following this work, online rentals increased by 10% the following year. The brand platform has allowed the brand to differentiate itself from a very commonplace market where communication is centered on promotional offers. Thanks to its visual identity and its action plan, positioning has finally enabled Intersport to be a different player in the imagination of customers, thus contributing to the expansion of its reputation and brand image.

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