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Do not be afraid to challenge the brief

In 2014, MUZ chaired the initial brief (creation of two landing pages products) of the Garnier brand to stick to the trends of its users, while respecting the digital strategy of the L’Oréal group. The challenge was to create an innovative platform highlighting both the products of the Garnier brand and their consumers.


Strategic and technological innovation

The recommendation was based initially on a monitoring work to detect the trends and behaviors of cosmetology consumers. This highlighted the importance of blogs, where there are tips and routines related to skin issues. This has led to a strategic innovation: moving from a traditional push strategy where the product is put forward to a pull strategy in order to attract consumers to the site Interesting content.

In this same context, it seemed logical from a user’s point of view to adopt a “categorical” rather than a “product” approach. Indeed, the valuation of the category “skin care”, allows to meet all the expectations of consumers when a product answers only one problem. This angle of attack is thus beneficial for both the brand and the consumer.

The desire to put forward the consumers, in particular via the user generated content, quickly imposed. MUZ’s work focused on detecting and selecting the innovative technological solution to aggregate the content produced via the MyPerfectSkin hashtag and to centralize them in one place, the social wall. This allowed the brand to reach people on social networks where the brand was not present.

This innovative digital platform and 100% Owned Media highlights the skincare category with a consumer centric approach. Everything is done to respect the L’Oréal group’s digital strategy and allow the brand to go beyond its own brand site by creating a space optimized to meet the needs of its consumers. MyPerfectSkin is therefore an all-in-one: a website that concentrates advices, recommendations of routines, a website that offers the possibility to test products in preview, but also to share its experience through a social hub. Moreover, its activity throughout the year via, new product tests, competitions and the publication of new advices, aims to encourage visitors to come back.


Success, evolution and sustainability of the platform

Just over a year after it was launched, MyPerfectSkin had become a true online consumer partner where the brand is being erased to meet its needs. Following this success, the objective of 2016 was to go even further by integrating the L’Oréal Paris brand through routines and advice, and adopting a more neutral and even less branded look and feel. A skin diagnosis has also emerged in order to offer an ever more personalized advice to the visitors and to know them better. Also, in order to allow the testers to share their opinions on the novelties, to feel at the same time privileged and member of a community, a system of testimony was added. The whole is supported by emailing campaigns. The platform is therefore constantly evolving in order to better know the consumer and in order to meet his needs better while making him want to return to the platform.


  • "Myperfectskin is a platform that values ​​the consumer in an innovative way by placing it at the center of our campaigns via a social wall, product tests and contests."

    Nicolas BASQUIN
    Nicolas BASQUIN Senior Product Manager - L'Oréal Suisse
  • "Today this platform has generated as much traffic as our branded websites and is located in our most visited sites, with a returning visitors rate of nearly 20%."

    Jorge NOVAIS DE OLIVEIRA Country Digital Manager - L’Oréal Suisse
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