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With every new launch its specificities

For the international launch of the Actifry Smart XL, a new intelligent and connected version of SEB Group’s emblematic fryer, MUZ has developed a user-centric digital ecosystem dedicated exclusively to the world of this revolutionary fryer. It is not a simple connected device, not a gadget, but a revolution that simplifies the kitchen of those who wish to eat good and healthy.


A complete digital launch kit

The challenges for launching one of SEB Group’s first connected objects can be summed up in three points: educating, attracting attention to generate traffic and finally centralizing the content on a landing page as the heart of the digital communication strategy and mobile. For this purpose, the various points of contact have been determined so as to cover the entire user path on the main channels (owned, paid and earned media).

At the time of launch, the connected products were quite new in the world of cooking. There was therefore a real stake in education and explanation of the product. To answer this, three types of digital content have been produced. Suggestive content to explain the concept and added values ​​based on consumer insights, contents illustrating the benefits produced and finally content demonstrating the effectiveness and added value of the product through recipes.

The challenge of attracting attention was a real stake of notoriety which once again intervened on a product that brought connectivity in a totally new universe. MUZ’s bias was then the creation of a digital animation kit containing a contest, an animation for fans Facebook pages of the subsidiaries, an emailing template and a banners iab master kit.

The center of the communication device was the landing page hosted on the site of the mark. This page gathers the different contents created and allows to explain the technology and the secrets of the product (for example through a 3D animation of the product) and to educate on the profits. Also, the page provides a space dedicated to sharing the opinions of people who have already tested the product, while indicating the points of sale where to buy the product. The ultimate goal is to convince and generate traffic to these resellers.


Seizing the Opportunity of a New Market

This launch of the first connected object from Groupe SEB marks the intention to highlight its digital products and services. Connected objects are beyond reality, a real strategic opportunity for brands. It is a market which represents 25 billion coins today and which could, according to several estimates, reach a minimum of 30 billion coins by 2020. It was therefore important to succeed in positioning the Group, which is already the world leader in small household electrical appliances. New market with very strong growth potential.


  • "This page will be the base of our communication, the place where everything will converge, to explain the product, how it works, what can be expected, its advantages, its universe."

    Stephan CAUBIT
    Stephan CAUBIT International Product Director - Groupe SEB
  • "On the page will be explained the technology of the product and its secrets: educate on the benefits of this revolution signed ActiFry, show how it is not a simple device connected gadget, but a revolution."

    Marion POITOUX
    Marion POITOUX Innovation and Markets Manager - Groupe SEB
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