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Brand content with data

The market for espresso machines with grinder is still relatively confidential compared to the overall coffee market. But this is a growing market, in which KRUPS proves to be a little more each year as the engine of this growth. In this competitive context, MUZ’s reflection focused on setting up a content strategy to value products and their benefits by adopting an End User Centric point of view based on studies rather than on the feelings of the brand or MUZ.


The winning combination: method and data

Adopting a pragmatic approach based on the consumer’s need, the brand’s DNA and its creations in order to obtain the best possible ROI is essential. To take up this challenge: a strategy combining method and data!

This strategic approach to content creation must address three main questions: What content is already created by the brand? Those of the competitors? What are the consumer queries on the search engines? To answer these questions, an analysis of the existing, a benchmark of competition and an SEO study are the three keys.

The data from the SEO study leads to an understanding of the needs and expectations of the consumer, so it is essential to optimize the user experience, to attract its audience and to attract new visitors. Behavioral data and semantic study allow to know the themes that interest them and the keywords typed in the search engines.
This knowledge then allows to direct the creation of content in order to deliver to the target the best possible message and thus meet the objectives of the brand.

An optimization of the site according to the UX recommendations on the different points of contact, based on detailed personas, makes it possible to make the content live according to the consumer route. Good content, in the right place, at the right time.

The last phase of the method consists of creating the contents. The objective of these contents is to accompany the consumer throughout his career. From his first steps in the world of coffee, thanks in particular to editorial content (articles “coffee culture”, computer graphics …) until the selection of his machine (help to choose) among the offer of machines KRUPS, always in a “profit” oriented approach and without falling into a technical discourse. And to go further and plunge the Internet user into the world of coffee, emotionally, content in innovative format were created, such as cinemagraphs.


Test and learn !

In every project, two points are necessary: ​​to measure and to adapt. A landing page is not fixed, it must be evolutionary based on the results.
Following an analytics report, the observed KPIs revealed that the range page and the new landing page were duplicated. To maximize the conversion rates, a redesign had to be made. This redesign was optimized by A/B testing of the landing page of coffee machines with grinder to merge with the category page. The follow up to the next report analytics.


  • "The approach proposed by MUZ appealed to us because it focused not only on the product but also on the creation of a real "expresso with grinder" KRUPS universe, integrating editorial content, computer graphics, but also a redesign of the valorisation of the machines on our website."

    François MAYOR OLIVOS
    François MAYOR OLIVOS Digital Project Manager France - Groupe SEB
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