Offer Nr 4 Brand Design


Brand design: how to get rid of the silos between product and communication


Fundamentals and brand writing

Starting with the basics
Product fundamentals || Range fundamentals.
Based on an analysis of reference offers, fundamentals refer to anything that the client and/or distributor considers as the expected standard from any believable stakeholder = competitive strategic intelligence.

From fundamentals to writing
Product/services writing || communication writing
Based on this strong foundation, the idea is to focus on what it claims is its unique contribution to the market, around the design of a products/services writing.
Together, fundamentals and writing make up a real brand grammar for all design process stakeholders.
This work is initiated and updated by the teams themselves. The goal is to make them autonomous, so that they could fully become stakeholders of the brand and share its language.


Simultaneous design of offer and communication

The days of visual identity guidelines are long gone. Brands agility today requires autonomous stakeholders, fully involved in their brands…

Brand design allows to simultaneously design the offer and the communication, while enabling a more fluid assessment and validation process thanks to the possibility to rely on a shared repository.

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