Idea #7 The Artifical Intelligence is at our door!

Idea #7  The Artifical Intelligence is at our door!

When robots try to become “human”

Two weeks ago, we saw a large-scale experimentation run and finally fail – we mean Twitter, Kik and GroupMe – of a bot chat (conversational robot) simulating on-line presence and Conversations of a 19-year-old North American girl named “Tay” for the occasion.

The robot, which has been put to the test by Internet users (not to say trolls), has very quickly reached its limits, ending up with racist, sexist, even revisionist theories or complotists, Tweets it emitted. Learning in real time of his conversations with Internet users, Tay was put to the test, and absorbed all the worst crossings of the Internet in less than 24 hours, pushed in its retrenchments by unscrupulous interlocutors, or at least curious to discover the limits of such a technology.

A fiasco for Microsoft would you tell me? Well not that much. A badbuzz is still a buzz: “If Tay missed his gigantic test of Turing, the experience is nevertheless successful: the machine has perfectly integrated the codes of language of our contemporaries and reused them to perfection. In other words, Microsoft has created a convincing parrot. “And this global giant is not on its first try: testing an experience like this one joins many other past experiments or in progress, concerning artificial intelligence, which augur many applications in the years to come.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence and the potential for use of artificial intelligence are beginning to point to the important role that AI will have in our daily lives in the near future. From automated on-line service to street advertising displays, literally adapting to the people posted in front of them, delivering personalized messages for example, the next challenges to be met announce themselves as creative as technological orders.

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …

The mutation of Instagram
Just like Facebook at the moment Instagram has just integrated an algorithm to sort the newsfeed of its users. A small revolution in the uses of this app, which so far simply sorted chronologically the posts of the users in the news.
New video metrics at Facebook
Faced with the growing success of video formats on Facebook, and pages dedicated to it, the platform has (finally) set up a tool allowing access to more statistical information, for the use of the page managers. We can now see how many minutes have been watched, how many people watched a video for less than 10 seconds … In short, a whole new panel of metrics to help monitor the performance of video publications.
Li-Fi becomes concrete
Because the future is (already) today, the access to the canvas will soon be able to be done via the light (yes, you read well). This technology is called the Li-Fi (for Light Fidelity) and will allow you to receive data, using a part of the spectrum of light emitted by the LEDs.
Twitter is 10 years old (already)
We recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of Twitter: the opportunity to (realize) that time passes very quickly, and that (two) this network, which has become central to the digital landscape, has seen many moments since History. An anthology of 10 years of moments on Twitter is to be consulted here (to savor with nostalgia).
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