Idea #6 Teenagers don’t like Facebook anymore

Idea #6 Teenagers don’t like Facebook anymore

The new generation at the origin of many doubts

Having a Facebook account and using the platform are two radically different things, and the younger generation is the source of many questions about the future of consumerism and the practice of social networks.

For some time now we have been seeing a disinterest in the social media as a place of exchange and public sharing. This turnaround takes place in favor of more private exchanges, and therefore a migration from Facebook to Messenger, Snapchat or even Kik. This change in practice thus emphasizes the awareness of this generation with regard to the potentially harmful aspects of a network where, in particular, any posted photograph can remain there indefinitely.

What was originally created as a public square on which everyone could come to exchange, meet and share, is now perceived by this group of users as a means of entertaining only as a spectator, Exchange, show, or even create content. Thus Facebook, Youtube and Instagram tend to become a hobby, allowing to consume content (videos / photos / brand content / etc), to the detriment of a projection of a “social ego” in public place.

The partitioning that is taking place between public image and private exchanges calls into question Facebook’s perception of its economic model. The advertising platform feeds literally on the likes of the users: the famous “edgerank” algorithm, allowing the content to be cured in the feed of each user according to his tastes and consequently to refine his targeting, resold in An advertising framework for advertisers.

This phenomenon is an inexhaustible source of questions, the outcome of which is not yet known, but it is wise to keep up to date as its impact in the social media sphere will be decisive in the years to come.

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …


“Exploring the world through the eyes of others”, is what Periscope, the most downloaded app of the week on the Apple Store France (in view of current football news), presents before Snapchat and Whats App. Live streaming app recently bought by Twitter.

Toddlers also on social networks
In France, a recent study by the Digital Generation Association showed that a large majority of 11-14 year olds already use social media. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook – in this order – appear to be widespread in these children of digital natives who have become parents.
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For the first time in its history, Twitter announced a decrease in the number of users by the end of 2015. Between lack of profit and loss of newcomers, the firm wants to simplify its language and implement new features to remedy the problem.
HumHub, a tool to create your professional social network
HumHub is an open source social network, free of charge and in French, designed mainly for small private communities such as businesses, schools or associations. Easy to use, here is a network that also responds to new privacy issues of our social presences.
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