Idea # 5 We are now all nomadic

Idea # 5 We are now all nomadic

“Modern Nomad : connect me if you can”

In 2015, it would be foolish to consider mobility as “a simple displacement between a point A and a point B”. Being “mobile” is much more than that: real states of mind in power, Our mobility issues completely shape our ways of living, acting, and communicating.

French consumers want to “slow down” less and less; They are impatient, eager for speed and information! To satisfy and touch their audiences, the brands must therefore follow (or even give!) The rhythm by challenging again and again their offers. Cloud, geolocation, “mobile first” sites, applications that multiply, duration of videos that decrease … are all phenomena and answers to these consultation issues that make communication a fast food information.

Even if this digital mobility facilitates the taking of information, discovery, exchanges, many are continuing to affirm that nothing can replace the real experience of the trip and the encounter. But paradoxically to this, travelers claim that applications help them make their journey easier …

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …

Images 2.0 with Pablo
Pablo 2.0 is a tool of ease of use disconcerting, but of incomparable power. In 30 seconds, create superb visuals instantly relayable and optimized for your social networks!
Instant messaging always on top
The use of instant messaging applications continues to increase. Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp … Real gold mines for brands, instant messengers are a possibility to touch consumers directly in their pocket!
Invite whoever you want
Skype, one of the most widely used tools in the world, will soon offer the possibility of being able to use it with even greater ease: everyone can invite someone to join a conversation without that the latter needs to create an account !
The participative novel: a beautiful collective effort!
With the heyday of the participative, the book industry is also affected by new empowerment practices that go beyond mere “digital transformation”. Participative novel writing is a certain success, which could well generate new ideas of opportunities for engagement for brands … To be pondered.
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