Idea #4 This summer, those wearing shorts won’t be the only winners!

Idea #4 This summer, those wearing shorts won’t be the only winners!

Summer 2016? A sporty summer!

At MUZ, we love brands, events and sport! It is therefore natural that we are interested in the major sporting events of this summer 2016. Indeed, the festivities have already started with Roland Garros, but the most important are coming with the Euro 2016 and the Rio Olympic Games. Those ones take place only every 4 years, so let’s take advantage of it. And it seems that we are not the only ones interested in these events …

Because it is well known, communication around sport (and above all its values ​​of excellence, friendship and respect) is more and more present and unifying.
A tendency that tends to be democratized with a desire of the actors in this sector to obtain and to satisfy a larger audience using innovative devices and especially a mass media.
For example, for the UEFA Euro 2016, 2.5 million spectators are expected in France between the 10th of June and the 10th of July, with 7 to 8 million viewers who will surely be focused on their television. Moreover, a large digital media campaign will be run; a dedicated Twitter account (more than 174,000 subscribers), a Facebook page (8,319,000 subscribers), and a mobile application.

As for the Olympics, they are at the heart of all the attention for the brands: with 4.3 billion people around the world who watched the Beijing Olympics on television in 2008, there is no bigger sport event than the Olympic Games in the world. The “Olympic brand” is however very protected since it is impossible to use the logo or the word “Olympic” for brands that are not official sponsors of the event. On the other hand, for sponsors precisely, this is a very profitable operation: the Procter & Gamble brand has announced, for example, to increase its turnover by 500 million thanks to its communication around the event. It is therefore for the greatest pleasure of brands that this year 2016 will be rich in emotion (and visibility) thanks to these numerous sporting events.

Between strategies of official sponsors (and happy to be!) and non-partner brands, all will manage to communicate and unite around the unavoidable moments of the sporting calendar … From Coca-Cola and its exceptional campaign, to your favorite pizzaiolo who will certainly offer you a pizza with brazilian flavours: expect to be exposed to the influence of brands!

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …

Roland Garros, creative and digital
To improve the user experience, this year Roland Garros has relied on social, digital and innovative activations. Online: emoji hashtags on Twitter, stories on Snapchat and a game (the RG Contest 2016). And if you go to the RG Lab you may have the opportunity to play against the RG Robot or create your own avatar for a game of virtual reality tennis with 360 ° and 4K videos.
The Olympics for the first time broadcast on Snapchat
Snapchat and NBC (which owns the rights to broadcast the Olympics) have reached an agreement to broadcast content free and accessible to all users of the application in the United States. The social network will set up “live stories” with content generated by the people present on the spot. And on the Discover platform, NBC will broadcast highlights of the competition.
Facebook Live: Periscope’s new competitor
Live feedback and comments, specific filters or the possibility to invite friends using notifications … Facebook Live represents a real opportunity for sports events to obtain an innovative viral visibility.
The 8th edition of the Vendée Globe, will be the one of all the records …
Sporting platform at the highest level, PC Race installed at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, international TV broadcast multi-screen, digital device and innovative editorial will be honored this year!
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