Idea #2 The web: New crisis management tool

Idea #2 The web: New crisis management tool

The internet is mobilizing and react after the tragedy of november 13th

In the night of Friday, November 13th, France held its breath in front of the terror of the events that we all lived, each in our own way. Face to these atrocities, the internet world once again mobilized spontaneously and Social networks have established themselves as major tools and actors in the management of this crisis.

On the users’ side, we will mostly retain Operation #PortesOuvertes (#OpenDoors) very widely conducted on Twitter, which allowed the Parisians who went out that evening to take refuge with the neighbours to avoid any danger and allow the authorities to carry out their actions as best as possible. More recently, we will note the invasion of kittens on Twitter in Belgium in order to minimize any leak of information on the operations in progress by saturating the network.

But it is also private companies and public bodies that mobilize to raise awareness and support the work of law enforcement agencies. Thanks to Facebook’s Safety Check Up, Parisians were able to alert their loved ones and avoid blocking telephone networks. Applications like Waze and Coyotte also warned their users not to report police roadblocks. The French government has disseminated numerous infographics and messages about the use of social networks in the event of a crisis in order to have the best use possible and avoid the spread of rumors and information leaks.

Social networks have indeed become a media in its own right, and, moreover, a medium of unprecedented power. They now play an essential role in the management of crises, enabling the spread of messages massively relayed by all users and whose virality is no longer a myth. With our eyes on our smartphones, it is impossible for us to miss out on this kind of phenomenon more and more engaged and engaging.

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …

Overview of the great initiatives that appeared on the web following the attacks of 13 November.
Creative weapons !
A social wall that allows anyone to express themselves creatively. A beautiful operation that gives the French to speak.
The history of the Peace for Paris symbol
Meeting with Jean Julien, the artist behind this revisited Eiffel Tower, a symbol of peace that has been taken over and shared hundreds of thousands of times around the world.
A Vine breaks all records!
A Vine captured on a TV screen from Norway showing the second explosion at the Stade de France becomes the most seen Vine in the world. It perfectly represents the new system of information consumption.
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