Idea #1 Digital changed Marketing

Idea #1 Digital changed Marketing

“To maintain the fascination and enchant the customer experience, the brand must see itself as a medium.”

We all know that digital transformation has revolutionized the relationship between brands and their consumers. “Multiplying the possibilities and typologies of brand-consumer interactions, digital has made the relationships between these two protagonists more and more complex, but the nerve Of this new war is really playing on the side of the advertisers before whom the consumer is often well in advance.

With the digital, the multi-device has invaded homes: from the smartphone to the computer to the shelves and soon watches connected, the consumer’s journey has changed and is constantly evolving. Marketing must be more ambitious: CRM, CRM, user experience design or “UX Design”, brand media & brand content, automation & budget intelligence …

All the marketing challenges are now based on a subtle alloy: to transform, to experiment, to actuate and to master a pleiad of new actions and new essential tools and henceforth impossible to circumvent for a quality relationship and the creation of engaging exchanges, new and convincing with the consumer.

Keep your eyes open !

To not miss anything …

Soon new Facebook profiles
Profile video, temporary profile photo … Enough to animate your portrait and your community at the same time!
Alphabet, the new web giant
What is behind this mysterious Alphabet? Google is reorganizing and creating this holding company which will own all of its subsidiaries. Each letter corresponds to a part of the giant, except the letter Q, ideas?
Youtube without advertising?
This will soon be possible. But beware, affording the luxury of not having to undergo all these marketing attacks will have a price … How much will you be willing to pay?
Your brand on a snap for $ 750,000
Vomiting Rainbow? Aging prematurely? Following the success of its “lenses”, new features that allow to animate its selfies, Snapchat will soon allow the brands to nicely interfere on our most delirious animated portraits … But not for free!
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